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 The “Royal “T” Inspection Report”, the most detailed  report available today!

  The on-site inspection is performed by a trained, licensed inspector, with experience in all phases of home inspection.

  The inspector enters his findings into a portable computer during the inspection & you receive your report by email!

  Digital pictures are taken of defects & a CD disc containing pictures with voice over narration is given to the client at the inspection, helping the customer better understand the inspection results.

 Pictures are taken throughout the inspection, each picture has voice over narration on the picture, describing what the picture shows & it’s concerns!

The complete report with pictures is Electronically Delivery the same day, for immediate results.

 The computer assisted report (approx. 35 pages), tell the limitations of the inspected systems, describe the systems, problems, and tell the observations of the inspector.

 Broad repair cost estimates may be included, but are only a price range.   Pictures are included in the report pages, on the summary pages & on a separate CD containing voice narration!

All single family inspections include a 90 Day Warranty & Recall-Chek Service, details below.


All Single Family Home Inspections

Now Include a 90 Day Warranty

90 day warranty

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and a ReCall Chek Appliance Service, FREE! 

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ReCall Chek

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